About Mommyzoid

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I met my husband while he was stationed in Victoria BC with the Navy. We spent the summer of 2009 falling in love. He then got re-posted to Halifax NS the following January and I had to make the decision to follow him or not. I picked the former and the rest is history. We bought our first place (a two-bedroom condo), got married (twice!), and we had a bouncing baby boy.

1 year anniversary


When it comes to my mental health, I don’t let me depression and anxiety disorder define me, although it is a huge piece of my puzzle. I first discovered there was something going on with me in University. Since then I’ve given my mental health much consideration and will do so for the rest of my life.

Motherhood is a journey best shared with others. On the blog you’ll find advice, DIYs, recipes, and my many motherhood musings.

Mommyzoid & Babyzoid

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