What’s in my Hospital Bag?

What to Pack in your Hospital Bag


Over the last few weeks I’ve started packing up my bag for the hospital. The one that will sit by the front door until, what I can only assume, will be a middle-of-the-night, mad-dash, to our local baby and mommy hospital. I’ve been making lists and researching what other moms pack and I feel like I have just about everything I’ll need (and then some).

Image   So for starters we’ve got this massive body bag my husband received his fire fighting gear in for work. Don’t worry, no smoke & sweat filled fire fighting uniforms have ever touched the inside of this bag! Inside this bag we can fit my stuff, baby’s stuff, and even a few things for daddy (if he’s lucky). Image My “Stuff”: Majority of the things I’ve packed for myself are for AFTER the baby is born. I’m assuming I’ll be in a state of ill-repair.

  • Adult pull-ups. (Lets not beat around the bush, shall we? *Bonus points for them being mauve!*)
  • My make-up and shower stuff (Because I’m expected to look good immediately after the watermelon has been birthed)
  • Medela Lanolin nipple cream (Safe for baby to ingest)
  • Hand sanitizer (Hospitals are dirty)
  • Tooth paste (No one needs to smell my labor breath!)
  • Burt’s Bees Lip Balm
  • Dove Deodorant (For obvious reasons! Do you know how many calories are burnt in labor?)
  • TWO toothbrushes (One for hubby! I don’t need another reason to yell at him during labor)
  • Reusable NUK breast pads (oh the joys!)
  • Joe Fresh slippers

I’ve added more items since I took this picture and I expect I’ll continue adding right up until the last moment

Have a forgotten anything?! Have I packed anything I won’t need? What was your experience! Let me know in the comments! Happy pushing!