Money money money…


I’ve posted before about finances. Money is such a huge source of stress for so many people and I think it’s important to talk about. I’ll tell you a secret: I wasn’t always on top of my finances and budgeting like I am now. I won’t bore you with the details, but I will share a few valuable things I’ve learned through trial and error.


If you aren’t constantly watching your bank account, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Back in the old days when we carried cash around and lived on cash diets, it was easier to be accountable. But with all the plastic in our lives, it can be way too easy to over-spend. There was a time when I would avoid opening up my online banking because I would rather not admit to myself that I had over spent that month.


Set yourself up with a budget in order to manage your cash flow. If you bring in $2000 a month but you spend $2001, you’re over budget and it’s a slippery slope form there to debt city.


In my opinion, it is NOT realistic to set aside $50 a month for shopping or extras, if you know you enjoy shopping. There’s no need to lie to yourself…believe me, you’ll only let your self down!


First thing’s first, deposit money into your savings! It may sting in the beginning, but you’ll get used to living without that money after a while. What not to do: tell yourself you’ll put anything left over at the end of the month in savings. Believe me, it wont be there! You’ll find something better to do with that money.


If you have an Apple or Android computer or phone, you have the ability to stay on the good-finances track at your finger tips. Mint does everything you’ll need: set budgets, manage cash flow, and alert you if you’ve over spent in certain categories or are getting dangerously low on money. Mint will help you stay accountable and not have any nasty surprises when you go to pay a bill!

I hope these tips help you get on track to financial freedom! It really can be this simple.

Happy saving!

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Wellness Wednesday: Money Woes

A huge source of anxiety for me is finances. Until today I haven’t been able to even open up my bank account to see the post-christmas damage. I’m awful, I know.

Being financially stable and secure is so important to me. It’s something my mom always prided herself on and she passed it along to me. She taught me the joys of saving and keeping a nest egg for those rainy days and even the sunny days.

You’ve probably seen this photo in the last week and a half — it’s been floating around the internet.


I proposed to my boyfriend that we try and do this but in reverse so it gets easier as the year goes on and it grows some interest (not much, but it’s better than nothing!).

So far we have $206 in our trip fund thanks to this little challenge! It’s even helped me get through some impulse shopping…impulses! I saw a Keurig on sale for $80 and I thought… that’s two weeks of trip money I wouldn’t have to worry about… So I didn’t buy it! HUZZUH.

For me, money stresses me out. The more saving I can do now, the more fun it will be to fork over thousands of dollars for a vacation to a sunny tropical destination next winter!

Oh money…

Do you have a similar type of challenge for yourself? How do you talk yourself out of impulse buys? Share it!

A room full of puppies!

A room full of puppies!

Much to the excitement of the entire campus, Dalhousie University opened their puppy room yesterday. Dogs of all shapes and sizes were there to cuddle and kiss the students to help reduce their stress. Although only a temporary fix to exam stress, the puppy room seems to be going over well. I like what the Student Union rep said about the point being to show students that they care, listen to them, and want to reduce the stigma. YAY FOR STIGMA REDUCTION! Go Dal, you guys rock!

I have yet to go see them. I am hoping to pop by on Thursday afternoon. If I go, I will get so many pictures to share. I’ll keep you posted.

Puppy correspondent,

Stephanie R